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Morocco's 2024 Census: Over 4 Million Urban Buildings Georeferenced

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Rabat - On Wednesday, July 3, in Rabat, Morocco’s High Commission for Planning (HCP) launched the communication campaign for the 2024 General Census of Population and Housing (RGPH 2024).

This campaign included the introduction of a new visual identity and slogans that reflect the values behind the census initiative.

Scheduled to occur from September 1 to 30, 2024, the 7th General Census aims to provide detailed insights into Morocco’s demographic and socio-economic landscape.

High Commissioner for Planning Ahmed Lahlimi emphasized the census's significance, stating, "The census, as highlighted by the Royal Letter, is a crucial tool for realizing our societal project and deploying our development model based on principles of political democracy, economic efficiency, human development, and social and territorial cohesion."

A notable aspect of RGPH 2024 is the utilization of advanced technology for mapping and data collection. The HCP has developed detailed maps of constructions and economic establishments using a mobile geographic information system (GIS) and high-resolution satellite imagery.

This effort has led to the georeferencing of over 4 million constructions in urban areas, with 75% identified as modern Moroccan houses. Additionally, nearly 34,000 rural villages, known as douars, have been mapped.

According to the HCP, measures aim to ensure comprehensive coverage and accuracy during the census. The national territory has been divided into approximately 38,000 census districts to prevent omissions or double counting.

This detailed mapping extends beyond residential areas, encompassing socio-cultural sites, municipal facilities, and economic establishments.

Over 1.3 million active economic establishments have been georeferenced, with more than 85% being for-profit enterprises, along with numerous weekly markets.

The selection and training of census personnel have also been carefully planned. The HCP implemented an information system to select qualified candidates for roles such as surveyors, controllers, and supervisors.

Out of 500,000 applications, around 200,000 were preselected based on objective criteria and regional needs. These candidates underwent online training developed in partnership with Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, and approximately 100,000 of them successfully completing all modules.

The campaign’s visual identity, featuring diverse faces representing Morocco’s population, aims to resonate with national and institutional values.
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