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Morocco’s Royal Academy Celebrates Renowned Nigerian Author Wole Soyinka

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Rabat – Today, the Royal Academy of Morocco honored Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka in a special ceremony, marking the 90th birthday of the acclaimed Nigerian writer.

The event, held in collaboration with the Pan African Writers Association (PAWA), served as a tribute to Soyinka's immense contributions to African and global literature.

Titled "Africa Celebrates Wole Soyinka in Morocco," the roundtable discussion brought together cultural figures, academics, and diplomats.

It explored Soyinka's prolific career, highlighting his unwavering commitment to social justice and his unique voice that champions African cultures.

Born in 1934, Soyinka's literary journey began in Nigeria before flourishing internationally. His works, including "A Dance of the Forests" (1966) and "Death and the King's Horseman" (1975), grapple with tradition, modernity, and the human condition.

His latest novel, "Chronicles from the Land of the Happiest People on Earth" (2021), employs satire to critique societal ills.

Permanent Secretary of the Royal Academy Abdeljalil Lahjomri, lauded Soyinka's unwavering dedication to portraying African realities in an interview with the local press. He described Soyinka as a "defender of African cultures" and a keen observer of the continent's complexities.

Lahjomri specifically mentioned Soyinka's rejection of the Negritude movement, emphasizing his constant fight against all forms of domination.

Wale Okediran, Secretary-General of PAWA, commended Soyinka's multifaceted talent – poet, playwright, novelist, essayist, and satirist.

He hailed Soyinka as a source of inspiration for aspiring African writers, praising his ability to raise critical questions and elevate African voices on the world stage.

Soyinka, in his address, expressed his gratitude for the celebration, emphasizing its role in strengthening cultural ties between Morocco and West Africa.

The author drew historical parallels, citing the strong relationship between Morocco and Senegal, exemplified by his friendship with the late Senegalese president, Léopold Senghor.

Professor Raphael Liogier, a scholar at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, viewed the event as a powerful symbol of Africa's potential.

"Africa is capable of taking charge, opening up to the world, and opening the world to itself," Liogier remarked, highlighting the significance of recognizing African talent like Soyinka.

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