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Morocco Ranks 2nd in Africa for Quality of Life in Mid-2024 Report

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Marrakech - According to a recent report by Business Insider Africa, which relied on data from research firm Numbeo, Morocco has the second highest quality of life in Africa as of mid-2024.

The North African nation achieved an overall quality of life score of 111.9, ranking behind only South Africa which scored 147.1.

Numbeo’s Quality of Life Index considers various factors that impact citizens’ well-being, including purchasing power, safety, healthcare, cost of living, property affordability, traffic commute times, pollution levels, and climate.

The aggregate score provides a comprehensive assessment of living conditions in each country.

Following Morocco in the top 5 African nations were Kenya with a score of 106.4, Egypt at 86.0, and Nigeria scoring 42.7.

The report highlights that while several African countries face significant economic challenges that strain citizens’ quality of life, such as high inflation, debt, corruption, and inadequate infrastructure, some nations have made strides in providing better living standards.

“Many African countries face sky-high inflation rates, which erode purchasing power and make necessities like food, housing, and healthcare increasingly expensive,” Business Insider Africa noted.

“These challenges lead to high living costs, unemployment, poor healthcare, and limited educational opportunities, making everyday life a struggle for many.”

However, the top-ranking countries “have managed to overcome many obstacles and provide their citizens with better living conditions through effective governance, economic stability, and social services.”

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This is not the first time Morocco has ranked highly for quality of life in Africa.

In a 2023 report by US News, Morocco topped the continent’s list and ranked 52nd globally, with a score of 12.7 out of 100.

The country performed particularly well in affordability and safety, though it received lower marks for income equality and its public education and healthcare systems.

Similarly, a 2022 Quality of Life Index by Numbeo placed Morocco third in Africa behind South Africa and Tunisia.

While it deemed the cost of living in Morocco very low, the report noted that property prices were disproportionately high compared to average incomes, negatively impacting overall quality of life.
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